Due to popular demand, the submission deadline has been extended to April 30th 2016!


Please read this before submitting.


Mail your print submissions, along with a completed entry form to:

1370 Cartwright Street
British Columbia
Canada, V6H 3R8




  •  The deadline for entries is April 30th, 2016 (Show will be held in the Fall of 2016).
  • Every artist can submit 3 prints in any printmaking medium.
  • Up to 5 prints from each edition may be submitted.
  • Please ensure that your name is printed clearly in pencil on the back of each print you submit.
  • If submitting more than one print per edition, please number the print on the back in pencil (e.g. 1/5, 2/5, 3/5…).
  • The printed area must not exceed 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches).
  • The paper size must not exceed 20 x 25.5 cm (8 x 10 inches).
  • Please submit prints in plastic sleeves, with binder holes. Prints of the same edition can be submitted in the same sleeve.  No mattes or frames will be accepted.
  • Please note that if you submit prints without paying the entry fee, we can’t send your prints back or send a catalogue of the show, unless you sell prints, in which case we will take the fees, etc. from your sales.


The entry fee is $50 in Canadian dollars, $40 US Dollars or €35 Euros. This can be paid by:

  • Paypal (through our online entry form, or directly to info@newleafeditions.com)
  • Cheque (In Canadian or US funds only)
  • Cash (At your own risk!)
  • No Postal Money Orders please!

For artists on a very low budget, or from countries where the rate of exchange makes the entry fee prohibitive, Please contact info@newleafeditions.com to discuss alternative arrangements BEFORE entering.

  • The prizes, awarded by a 3-person jury are: $1000 for first prize, $750 second prize and $500 third prize. All prizes are in Canadian dollars.
  • All artists selected for exhibition will receive a catalogue.
  • BIMPE takes a 40 % Commission on the sale price. Please set your print sale prices with this in mind.
  • Payment for sales will be in Canadian dollars. (We suggest a minimum sale price of $50 CAD). Please specify on the entry form how you would like to be paid.
  • The Jury will select prints to be exhibited and prize winners. Artists will be notified of the Jury’s decision via email and artists with no prints selected for exhibition will have their work returned as soon as possible.
  • Artists with one or more pieces selected for exhibition will have their work returned after the exhibition, and the publication of the catalogue.
  • All works will be returned via regular Canada Post. BIMPE cannot take responsibility for work lost in the post.
Please print the labels from the PDF provided. Fill in all fields clearly, cut them out and attach one to the back of EACH print submitted.



  • Cut 2 pieces of cardboard/ foam core/ corrugated plastic, or something rigid (the more lightweight the better for postage costs). The 2 pieces should be the same size, slightly larger than your plastic sleeves
  • Tape your plastic sleeve(s) by the corners on to one piece or cardboard and tape the other piece on top, sandwiching your prints between them.
  • Wrap the cardboard in brown paper, or use an envelope.
  • You can use the mailing labels provided below.  Please use the labels below or mark clearly “PRINTED MATTER – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE” on your package.




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