SCWOP – Silent Auction at Granville Island Hotel


Katie and Ross







Here are some photos from SCWOP’s very successful Silent Auction in support of BIMPE VII, held at Granville Island Hotel. An exquisite evening of fine food and wine while bidding on unique items and priceless experiences was had in September at the Granville Island Hotel, all in support of The Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition.

Thank you so much to all our donors and sponsors – your support is greatly appreciated! Please see the list of our donors below.


Steven and Torrie


Organiser extraordinaire Melannie


Auction Attendees


Happy auction folk


More happy auction folk


Great food at the Silent Auction


Michael, Caron, and John Ramsay


John and Michael


Making cut paper images – wow!


Cut paper images


A huge thank you to our wonderful donors – we couldn’t do it without you!

Hannamari Jalovaara, Union Salon, The Gourmet Warehouse, The Art of Loving, Ostersons Framing, Opus Art Supplies North Vancouver, New-Small & Stirling, MJM Contact Lens Specialists, Louis Gervais, Lesley Anderson, JL Floral Design, Aurum-Argentum Goldsmiths, Hartman Leather, Gordon Smith, Coast Salish Art, Ceili’s Group, Caron & Ross Penhall, Brian Eby, Brandon Thiessen Art Services, Swallowtail Tours, StoneAge Art Company, Talon Helicopters, Peter Kiss Gallery, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Petra’s Pet Photography, and Conor Pacific.

A special big thanks to Caron Penhall, Bob Nowack and his assistant Melannie Warren!



BIMPE VII – Opening Gala at Federation Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver

Thank you to everyone, all two hundred of you, who made it out to the grand opening of BIMPE VII at Federation Gallery on Granville Island last night. It was a beautiful evening and great fun was had by all. We were happy that the catalogues, printed by Pinnacle Graphics inc., were there! If you’re interested, catalogues are still for sale at $25.

BIMPE VII marks the exhibition’s 12th year running and brings with it new venues and adventures. Opening once more at the Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, BIMPE VII will travel to Dundarave Gallery and to SNAP Gallery in Edmonton. As a miniature print exhibition, BIMPE’s only requirement is that a print be no larger than 4 by 6 inches, or 24 inches square. The exhibition is open to all types of print media, including digital or otherwise unconventional interpretations of “printmaking”.

Federation Gallery on opening night

BIMPE VII poster in the window


David Clifford, Blackstone Press

Vanessa and son

Peter addressing the crowd at the Opening Gala

Dana and Sage

Ann and Wendy

Peter, Gerri, and Barb

Joseph and Barbara

Ross and Hannamari

Peter addressing the crowd

Ross Penhall and tickets to the silent auction

Peter, Gerri, and juror Anna Szul

Peter going on, and on, and on ….

Sales at the Opening Gala: Joseph purchasing a catalogue

BIMPE world map of participants

Opening Gala at Federation Gallery


Wendy, Lisa, and Catherine

Milos and Hannamari


Tyler and Dana










BIMPE VII installation views

Photo credits Rosamond Norbury and Lisa MacLean

Over the years BIMPE has owed its success to the legion of volunteers that continue to commit their time and varied expertise. BIMPE VII is no exception and we want to express our sincere gratitude to those who have been willing to devote countless hours to its realization.

To our private sponsors, Michael and Pam Isman, Jane Justice, and John Ramsay, you have been pillars of support. The Bank of Montreal has been incredibly generous in their first contribution and is instrumental in enabling BIMPE to travel to more venues than before. We want to thank CMHC for their unwavering support over these 12 years. We Thank Opus and Gamblin for sponsoring prizes and donations that inspire the printmaking and artist community to continue to create the work that we are exhibiting. A big thanks also to our in-kind donors Zara’s Pasta and V&J Flowers, our fellow local businesses who provide the little things that make all the difference to our board throughout the year and our volunteers at the opening.

To our Board of Directors – you are the guiding light that leads us always forward. This year we would like to extend a special thank-you to Bob Nowack and Melannie Warren. Their expertise will no doubt be beneficial to BIMPE’s future.

To our three jurors – Sam Davidson, Jennifer Page, and Anna Szul – who took the time out of their busy schedules to travel to Vancouver and sift through the immense volume of prints and distill from it the show presented here – thank you for your eyes and varied tastes. BIMPE continues to evolve from year to year because of the fresh perspectives the jury provides.

Thanks to the Granville Island Hotel for their hospitality in hosting our jury and being so accommodating to our needs. Visiting the hotel is one of the highlights of our guests’ experiences.

The Federation Gallery and Dundarave Print Workshop + Gallery who are our partners in the exhibition – thank you for providing support staff during the exhibition.

To our volunteers: Anna Taillefer, Rosalind Rorke, Katie Dey, Daylen Luchsinger, Damon Bee, Francis Freeman Hkh, Angela Bonnici, Gerri York, Sharole Brown, Hannamari Jalovaara, Marsha McCall, Kelly Haydon, Dana Fetherstonhaugh, and Irene Laudan, we want to thank you sincerely for your time, without which BIMPE would not be possible.

Last but not least, we want to thank Chris Torgalson of Bedlam Hotel for years of web management and technical assistance, Chloe Aigner and Alyssa Burt of Zenhouse Media and Mark Hurst from Pinnacle Graphics for your gift of expertise and accommodating ways in the face of our tight deadlines and even tighter budget.